March 2, 2015

Top Reasons to Choose a Career in Healthcare Administration

The healthcare field continues to grow each year, and while healthcare administration careers do not involve directly caring for patients, they can provide a multitude of rewarding career opportunities. Healthcare administrators use their business skills to manage the way that facilities provide care for those who are ill or injured. Often, they specialize in a particular area, such as finance, human resources, information technology, marketing, public affairs, or planning and development. There are many reasons why you should choose a career in healthcare administration, some of which are listed below.

Choice of Employer

People with skills in healthcare administration can work in a variety of settings. There are job opportunities available in hospitals, clinics, skilled nursing facilities, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, mental health organizations, health insurance organizations, diagnostic laboratories, dentist’s offices, home health care services, and consulting firms. Some healthcare administration jobs even involve working with the military or the Department of Veteran Affairs.

Many Available Job Opportunities

Healthcare is the largest industry in the United States and healthcare facilities are the nation’s second largest employer. Although all healthcare facilities need administrative personnel to some extent, the larger organizations have the greatest need for managers with experience in healthcare administration. Some of the possible job titles you might find when looking for a career in healthcare administration include head of managed care, head of corporate development, head of support services, head of professional services, head of nursing, head of patient care, and head of ambulatory services. There are also the same sorts of executive titles you’d find in a private corporation, such as CEO, COO, CIO, CFO, and CMO.

A Bachelor’s degree is needed for the lower level jobs in healthcare administration, while a Master’s degree is a requirement for most senior executive positions. There are programs that offer a PhD in healthcare administration, but this type of degree is seldom a requirement for most jobs. The PhD is most useful for people who want to research, write, or teach about issues relating to healthcare policy.

Chance for Self Improvement

Healthcare administration is a career field that values self improvement. Most employers offer opportunities for professional development through attending seminars, earning certifications, or completing a degree program. Having the opportunity to learn new skills is considered to be a vital part of your success as an administrator.

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