ATC Healthcare is known for its outstanding service and professionals who excel in their practice.

Since 1982 ATC Georgia has provided fully credentialed and reliable staff to promote the highest level of patient care in hospitals, health care organizations, and medical facilities.

We Provide The Following

When you need staffing solutions quickly and don’t want to sacrifice the quality of hires, ATC Healthcare Services of Georgia is here to help you. We provide professional recruitment staff with years of experience in the healthcare industry. Our team understands the urgency associated with the healthcare industry, and how important it is to hire qualified candidates quickly. We work with our clients to build lasting relationships all over Georgia to provide the most qualified candidates across multiple healthcare disciplines. Our dedication to improving the efficiency of the hiring process is why the medical communities of Georgia look to ATC Healthcare Services for professional recruiting and staffing solutions.

Professional Recruiting

ATC Healthcare Services of Georgia hosts a team of professional recruiters who work with leading facilities and organizations to provide reliable medical staffing services. We work with clients to better understand your needs to expedite the hiring process to maintain premium patient care services. We contract healthcare professionals who have ample medical expertise to quickly place and staff the right candidates for current facility employment opportunities. The hiring process in place aides our team in finding the staff you need, when you need it the most. We make it easier than ever to find and staff for the most important jobs through efficient professional recruiting services.

Our Highly Skilled Professionals

Nursing Professionals
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • Registered Nurses
  • LIcensed Practical Nurses
  • Certified Nursing Aides
  • Occupational Health Nurses
  • Case Managers
  • Utilization Review Nurses
Allied Health
  • Dental Hygienists
  • EEG & EKG Technicians
  • Laboratory Technicians
  • Radiology Technologists
  • Medical Assistants
  • Medical Social Workers
  • Mental Health Assistants
  • Pharmacists & Assistants
  • Physical Therapists & Assistants
  • Physician Assistants
  • Respiratory Assistants
  • Speech-Language Pathologists
Healthcare Administration
  • Billers & Coders
  • Front Office MAs
  • Medical Secretaries

Fully Credentialed and Background Checked

Our Credentialing Coordinator works with facilities hospitals and healthcare organizations to determine the qualifications for each employment opportunity. We provide detailed documentation to ensure candidates are fully credentialed with clean background checks to provide our clients with the most qualified healthcare professionals. Each candidate goes through our hiring process to illustrate his or her’s ability to perform the qualifications of the job before placement services are provided. In offering on-demand staffing services, facilities and healthcare organizations come to ATC Healthcare Services of Georgia for efficiency and absolute certainty they are receiving the best candidates for the job.

Putting Our Clients First

At ATC Healthcare, our first priority is placing the most qualified individuals in facilities that will benefit from the desired skill set. ATC is committed to maintaining its dedication to quality service for both clients and Healthcare Associates (HCAs).

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