March 2, 2015

5 Benefits of Being a Temporary Physician

Locum tenens is Latin for “one who substitutes temporarily for another”. The origin of locum tenens dates back to the 1970s, but is becoming increasing popular in today’s healthcare realm. Many physicians that choose a locum tenens contract are staffed at hospitals, outpatient clinics, group practices and community healthcare facilities. If you are a newly graduated physician looking for a job or a veteran physician that wants to explore other options within the field, listed below are five of the most attractive benefits of being a temporary physician.

Try Out a Different Practice

Locum tenens offers the ability for a physician to practice in a new setting. If you are considering moving from a large hospital to a rural, small group or multi-specialty practice, becoming a locum tenens physician will afford you the opportunity to “test” out another practice before fully committing to a position.

Transition into Retirement

Because it is only a temporary placement, locum tenens offers a unique opportunity to physicians that have been retired, yet still have the itch to return to medicine for short periods of time. Temporary placement would allow retired doctors to not only pursue their passion for helping others, but also maintain their skills. For physicians considering retirement, this avenue offers a great way to wean yourself out of the profession.

Travel around the Country

If you love exploring new places, becoming a locum tenens physician can offer you the benefit of progressing your career while experiencing life in different geographical surroundings. Some physicians find the thought of traveling all over the country very appealing but find it difficult to fit a vacation into their busy schedules. While switching from one locale to the other, a locum tenens physician can learn from diverse cultures and be exposed to a variety of work environments. As an added benefit, in most locum tenens contracts, the physician’s travel and housing expenses are covered.

Receive Free Malpractice Insurance

A big issue on the minds of physicians is medical malpractice insurance, which can become quite expensive. Most locum tenens assignments will cover a physician’s insurance payments for the duration of the contract, which makes temporary placement an attractive option for those who are responsible for their own coverage.

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